GraphQL meets the Cloud

Rapidly create a simple API or a full fledged Backend from existing Airtable (*Free Plan included) or Google Sheets. Use GraphQL to query, search & mutate data easily.


Dynamic & Secure API

Updating your schema will be reflected immediately. Optionally secure it using a Secret Token

Filtering & Mutations

Query & Mutate your data using our powerful operators and DSL

Sorting & Pagination

Only fetch the data you need to provide the best user experience

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with any Frontend framework or No-Code tool

Integrates with No-Code & Low-code tools


And most popular JAMStack providers & Javascript frameworks


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"Once you start using it becomes a really nice experience, your mind just adapts to it really quickly. Really enjoyed using BaseQL and hooking up to it using ColdFusion, it was a lovely combo of no-code and minimal code using CF's RAD capabilities"

Mark Takata, Technical Evangelist at Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021

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Video: Using CF with NoCode & GraphQL 🎥

"BaseQL is built for allowing speed of development without the hassle of a managed database or complicated REST endpoints. BaseQL enables engineers and low/no coders put a custom interface on top of an Airtable base"

March 12, 2021

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"We used a very early release of BaseQL to get this data out in a frontend-friendly format using GraphQL. Switching to this system let us dramatically clean up our frontend code, because the data is structured for the frontend"  – @eads  

David Eads, Journalist at

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"BaseQL allows you to combine the power of Airtable and GraphQL"

November 13, 2020

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🤩 Starter

1,000 monthly requests / 10 bases


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10,000 monthly requests / 100 bases

$9 / mo

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💼 Professional

Unlimited requests and bases

$49 / mo

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Multi-cloud & On-premises Licensing


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